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It has been a blessing to work publicly as trained Spiritual Medium for over 20 years. I have clients who started out with me then and whom I am still blessed to serve today. Their off spring, spouses, friends and colleagues from around the world, have become clients and some have become close friends. Through Spirit’s guidance I strive to help clients through their grief, loss of loved ones, connecting them spiritually, guiding business and career moves, relationship challenges, life changing events and as an agent of change in their ongoing personal development. My passion for making the invisible world tangible, with practical supportive tools for people has never waivered. It drove my co-founding of MetaVarsity in 2002 in Cape Town, South Africa (now sold) where people can study and develop the profound workings of Spirit within. The world of metaphysics, the unseen world, has always been a part of my life. As a young girl I read books on and experimented in astral travel, spiritual healing, psychic phenomena and past lives. I was the weird kid at school being asked questions about reincarnation and communicating with Spirit. In the ’70’s this subject was taboo, yet my yearning to learn and grasp the understand of this Divine Intelligence that embodies all has been a lifelong journey. I continue to study and learn, meditating daily, deepening my own practice and spiritual development to grow and better assist my client base. Whether serving you through personal one on one sessions or through online classes, my journey to bringing you hope, insight, clarity and evidence based messages for a happier, more purpose filled life continues to be my joy and privilege. I look forward to connecting with you and your Spirit Guides soon.

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