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Spiritual Coaching

This work is geared for tapping in to your own life path. Unraveling your challenges through deepening your spiritual context of them and discovering your innate ability to resolve issues with calm inner self assurance. Overcome constant worry, fear and doubt in your own mind. In addition discover and access your creative depth and strengths through this personalized spiritual coaching. Various packages to suit your pocket are available.

Spiritual Mediumship

Find comfort and solace in connecting with loved ones in Spirit. Receive evidential information shared by Spirit to help heal and resolve past challenges. Feel the grief lifting when the profound connection to your loved one is made.

Spiritual Psychic Readings

Receive answers to your questions on your business, your relationships, your spiritual path and your finances. Discover how your Karma plays a role in your life choices, your decision making …

Distant Healing

Request Spiritual healing for yourself, your loved ones and for directing Light to situations at work or in your relationships. Individual, family and group healing available

Crystal Grid Healing

The crystal grid is set up for your personal request with a time line of work to be done. Crystals and amulets have long held sacred energies used for bringing protection, healing, insights and solutions to life issues