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This is such a profound question, thank you Linda, as it speaks to each one of us and to our very existence. When we lose a loved one we know and feel the grief and the pain of loss it causes us. We physically miss the familiar presence, the smell, the touch, the sound and vibration of connection with that precious loved one. Our human nature grieves the loss and goes through the immense pain of that loss. It is necessary for us to do so. 

It is in this time while we may struggle to reach any acceptance of the loss, that we may reach out to Spirit to seek connection and in a way, seek to ‘bring back’ the person we have lost, or, at least confirm that the person is at peace where they are. 

It is not unusual for those who have passed to appear in a dream at the time of death or shortly thereafter. This gives the Soul an opportunity to bid farewell to loved ones. This Soul now begins the journey to the spirit world. It is said that it takes approximately 40 days for the Soul to be fully integrated in the spirit world. If the passing has been traumatic in some way, it may take a little longer as this Soul spends time in the Recovery and Healing plane to heal. During this time there may be little contact between those left behind and the loved one who is moving into Spirit. We light candles and say prayers for their Soul to pass peacefully through this portal to the next. This leaves the opportunity for us to grieve our loss. It is in this time we may want to contact a medium to connect with a loved one. It is advised and better to do this after the 40 day mourning period has passed. 

The primary goal of the medium is to provide evidence of life after death by proving beyond doubt that the person they are contacting is the person who has passed. This in itself provides the much needed measure of comfort to those who remain on the earth plane. This is a positive step in establishing contact, which may be enough for some. Once this has been done, you may find it easier to connect yourself as not only has the initial period of grieving gone by, but also the loved one in Spirit is more able to reach out and make contact through your dreams, or by you noticing small things, like a feather, or their favourite song playing, or a series of coincidences, that we then realise, are not coincidences, to ensure you of their presence. You may hear their voice in your head or in your quiet moments, feel their presence. How you do this is by being still, calling them by name and being as relaxed as you can. Be open to whatever you sense, hear, feel or see. Your love for one another is what binds you together beyond the physical plane. There are times when the veil between our worlds is thin, such as the birthday and the date of the passing of your loved one. This is a most opportune time to open your heart to the connection you have with one another. That love is the essence that will forever bind you together, even when you move on with your life, as you well ought to, over time. You will be watched over by your loved ones in Spirit, even as your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, continue to guide and assist you through your life for Love is eternal and is a bond that transcends all boundaries. 

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