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Many clients have a natural strong intuition that is mostly undeveloped and untrained. Students on past courses have gone on to feeling liberated, discovered their deep intuitive connection after attending this experimental course. It’s jam packed with years of experience, wisdom, tips and knowledge of the inner world we exist in. This course is a quick start to accessing and developing your inner sacred gifts, your psychic abilities, understanding your inner divinity, inner knowing and inner communication with your personal Spirit Guides. Check Events for details of upcoming courses.

If you are beginning to explore your “inner voice,” this course is designed to help you answer the question: how do I know if it’s my mind or my intuition? In this course, you will learn the key to distinguishing between fear-based thoughts and your intuitive voice, as you discover what your rational (or fear-based) mind wants for you, versus what your soul is here to accomplish.


How do you know when the inner voice you hear is your mind or your intuition speaking? Life is about the choices we make, and the inner voice motivates those choices. It can be difficult to know and confusing to determine, whether the inner voice you’re hearing is fear-based thoughts, or if it is your intuition coming through: this course will show you how to differentiate between the two.

I have created an exceptional FREE online course for you to help separate the thinking mind (also called the ego) from the intuitive voice (also known as your soul).

In this developing intuition course you will:

  • Learn how to quiet mental chatter and let you soul speak
  • Learn how to hear your intuition more clearly
  • Gain the freedom you have always wanted, and step into who you are here to be
  • Receive an incredible and deep energy healing designed to help you quiet the mental chatter and bolster your intuition.

Course components:
3 audio recordings, including guided meditations; and written supportive assignments

What to expect following registration to “How to Develop Your Intuition”: You will access three audio recordings, including guided meditations, and written, supportive assignments. Instructions are provided in the recordings. When you’ve finished, if you’d like to let me know about your experience, you can give feedback through my Facebook page.

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