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What is protecting your aura all about actually? I have been asked that so many times and decided it might be useful to put a few words together to explain it a bit. 

Upon initiating training as an intuitive psychic medium, decades ago, the very first lesson we were taught was how to protect ourselves while working with Spirit. A number of questions promptly popped into my head. Protection? From what? From whom? What do I use? What am I protecting myself from? Can I protect others, like my family and friends, my pets, my job, my bank account, the world? How do I do it? How long does it last? 

That was when I began to realize the extraordinary extent of the quantum field of interconnected consciousness that binds us all. I appreciated the wisdom and necessity of protection before proceeding with inviting any spiritual beings or invoking energies to work with. I have consistently done so ever since. 

It was shown how to visualize, or imagine, the colour silver and to feel this mercurial energy wrapping around my aura in a big bubble. In esoteric teachings silver was used by yogis, metaphysicians and healers for protection. Since the early 20th century the use of nanosilver now serves as antibacterial and anti fungal agents for industrial purposes, in water treatment and in consumer products such as cosmetics, clothing, food containers etc. To activate the esoteric silver energy you can say a mantra to activate it whenever you feel the need to. “I surround and seal my aura in Silver Protection” You can replace the word ‘aura’ with home, relationship, a child’s name, the business name, the place or the name of any situation. It can be used to protect you while you travel and while your family and over one’s travel too. Maybe it’s a habit you’d like to cultivate.

Why not! 

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