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Have you ever had that fleeting sense of there being someone in a room with you? When you look up there’s no-one there? Or have you smelled a fragrance that reminds you of a loved one who has passed on, like their perfume or cologne or tobacco when there is nothing like that in your vicinity? I’ve found a random white feather whenever I think of my Mom who passed away over 20 years ago. These signs are Spirit letting us know we are not alone. 

A common assumption is that loved ones become angels when they die. This isn’t so. Angels are the intermediaries between God and humankind and exist on higher planes. Their work is to communicate revelations from God, assist us at our time of death and to support and guide us on our life’s journey. Deceased relatives and loved ones can and do communicate with us as love is a potent force that binds us with one another beyond the grave. They use smell, touch, various synchronicity signs and dreams to show they are there, ever watchful and protective of us. It’s not easy to do as they are not necessarily advanced Souls, yet the power of love is strong and wills this connection to bring comfort, hope and awareness of the world beyond our physical one. Our Guardian Angels use signs too. 

When we are born a Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel is assigned to be with us our entire lives. We read of this in the Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Islamic traditions, spiritual and other traditions, who are assigned to watch over us when we sleep and when we are awake. Our psychic senses help us to experience the contact between ourselves and our Spirit Guide and we experience signs of them much like we do our loved ones in Spirit. We may notice synchronized events such as numbers or words in music, totem animals, dreams, touch and smells, even seeing our Spirit Guide in meditation. Learning to discern who is connecting with us takes time, effort and practice. It is well worth it when we begin to realize our evolved Spirit guides know our karmic life path and assist us in our growth and development in a myriad of ways, taking us through our challenges and bringing inspiration and life learning. This guidance is about bringing us into synchronicity with our life path, our path of where we may best serve ourselves and others for the betterment of our world. So next time you see a feather, feel a light touch or get goosebumps, pay attention. That could be your personal Spirit Guide making contact.

Say Hello. 

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