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Karen has the unique ability to blend her life and her vast work experience with her Psychic Mediumship. I have had the benefit of addressing business, life, family and relationship events and challenges via Karen’s insight and psychic gifts over many years. She accurately predicted my son leaving home to go across to the US and that he would be living in digs six months prior to this even being on his radar screen. Six months later he was in Florida, living in digs and has grown and matured immeasurably as she had foretold. Today (16 May 2017) I reflected back on my notes from a reading that Karen had done for me on 13 May 2013. The accuracy of the cycle that I was in then is as relevant today as it was then, as the Spiritual lesson then is even more profound now as I have been experiencing the similar experiences at a more intense level – all a part the breakthroughs that have been required. My ability to negotiate my way through both sets of circumstances profoundly and positively impacted upon by Karen’s psychic abilities – saving me time, energy and resources and impacting profoundly on the progress I did and am now able to make. Karen via Master Koot Humi accurately identified that the one fundamental thing that I do well is to help people and my specialty in developing people is with those in organisations that connect with those above and below. She had no prior knowledge that my area of leadership development expertise is in the area of middle management.
Angela James
Johannesburg South Africa
17 May 2017