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I Caroline von Broembsen hereby with to attest to the spiritual mediumship skills of Karen Barensche. I met Karen almost 14 years ago for my first reading, at that time i had no knowledge or understanding of anything to do with the Spiritual World and Life after Death. The most apparent thing for me, was the level of warmth and integrity exuded by Karen. As Esoteric readings are not a run of the mill event for many people, Karen immediately made me feel at peace and comfortable with something which was a very new concept for me at the time. Karen has a masterful skill, in that she combines the ability to put into words the numerous thoughts,emotions and current life circumstances particular to her clients .These she alone could not know unless she was able to interpret with incredible accuracy the channeled information from her clients guides and teachers. The most appealing quality Karen has, is her ability to drop her ego about her mediumship skills , and even though she is super talented, she is able to be humble and integrous in a beautiful and meaningful way , which allows for a clear flow of information . She is also able to use words and her own spiritual understanding, to show extreme care and concern for her clients, in the sense that she tries to convey her messages in a way so that they will be clearly understood in the recipients language. It is one thing to be able to channel a message, but quite another to be able to channel it in such a way that the recipient can not only receive the words but also the emotions, thoughts and relevant energy that pertains to only to them. It is no coincidence that billets are often referred to as “love letters” from spirit, as Karen has this ability to put together her messages in this fashion, making for a very personal and touching experience full of universal love. Her information is not only accurate and predictive, but also very healing on a deep level, as she serves as the most beautiful intellectual but also physically energetic bridge between the transient world of spirit and the earthly world of matter. From every reading that i have been for, I have always walked away with the feeling, that no matter what challenges i face in this world, no matter what path lies ahead, I am never alone. Spirit is with me watching and guiding every step of the way. That in itself is a healing energy that the world is blessed to have in the format of this beautiful , talented and kind medium. Warmest wishes for your reading experience
Caroline von Broembsen

17 May 2017