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Elni Wasserman-McNaughtonDoha, Qatar 1 April 2021

‘Spiritual readings with Karen Barensche have acted like light houses on my path of life. She provides true insight in the most empathetic of ways so I can make life decisions that serve me better. I cannot recommend investing in this enough. She has repeatedly told me what to look out for, what to avoid, how to enhance and how to protect with near 100% accuracy. For those more rationally minded, she told me about covid before it happened, to invest in Bitcoin before it grew, that I was pregnant before I told her, and that we were having a son before any test or doctor could tell. But that is not the valuable part. The valuable part is to gain insight into what is happening for the people we love and the forces that will impact our lives so that we can live more fulfilled, rewarding and useful lives.’
Elni Wasserman-McNaughton

Doha, Qatar 1 April 2021